Hi I'm Kaitlyn, and no matter where life takes me, you'll find me with a smile, cause life's great. (:
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I am ready to leave this place. Forget about everyone I know. Pack up and disappear. I am tired of the memories that linger around every corner of the meaningless routine that is draining my soul away. I am ready to go. No goodbyes or explanations. I am ready to start over.

Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice (via kushandwizdom)

You only live twice:
Once when you’re born
And once when you look death in the face.

Van Booy, Simon. The Illusion of Separateness (via hoyasexual)

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I think people would be happier if they admitted things more often. In a sense we are all prisoners of some memory, or fear, or disappointment—we are all defined by something we can’t change.